Dr. Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori, the first woman M.D. in Italy, was one of the great pioneers in the study of child development. Upon graduation from Rome University Medical School in 1899, she worked with children who had mental disabilities. She observed the impact that an environment can have on a child’s development. Dr. Montessori began to formulate her own method, pairing her compassion for children with her rigorous scientific abilities and powers of observation. She became a lecturer at Rome University and set down the foundation of scientific pedagogy in Italy.

In 1908, Dr. Montessori began her innovative approach with a group of children in San Lorenzo's slum area in Rome. Within a year, these children earned worldwide acclaim and became a landmark in young children's education. She wrote 25 books on the various aspects of her theory and practice and formulated her approach for elementary children in 1912.

Marimont Montessori School adheres to the original precepts of Dr. Montessori's principles of education.

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