Parent Testimonials

Both our daughters attended Marimont Montessori. The teachers and staff are wonderful. My husband and I are continually wowed by the level of learning. And the learning environment is always organized, calm and caring. Can't say enough good things about Marimont. Our family loves it!

- Carol

My son has been at Marimont since he was 2 1/2 years old; he's almost 6 now, and we have absolutely loved the school. He learns things he would likely not be exposed to elsewhere, and all the teachers adore the children and give them all the attention, affection, and guidance they need to grow as little individuals! They are taught to be responsible for their actions and choices - which is great, it's how I parent! The things they learn to transcend into our home and I/we get many compliments on his abilities, his knowledge of places around the world, bodies of water, continents, famous buildings, flags, letters, numbers, poetry, presidents, reading and writing ...and much more! They are very organized, and you always know what is going on in the classroom, with your child, and you are always invited to participate in their special events (like the Celebration of Life - when it's their birthday). I'm sad that he will have to leave within a year and attend a 'regular' school! The staff genuinely cares about each child and the families too. I couldn't have asked for more!

- Csilla

Our family loves Marimont! It was recommended to us by another parent, and we are so glad we were able to get on board. Our daughter has great relationships with her friends and all of the teachers, she is very focused now and talks about how much she loves to learn now. This school really encourages children to learn, and they make it very exciting and fun!

- Danielle

Our daughter has been going to Marimont for two years, I tell people that I don't think it is possible to find a better school. The only bad thing that I can say is that they won't let her stay till she graduates from high school. On a scale from 1-10, I give Marimont a 12. In the two years that she has been attending, I have not had a single negative issue to address, NOT ONE, amazing since I'm pretty picky about my child. People stop me on a regular basis and ask how old my child is because they are amazed at how well she speaks. I can honestly say that choosing Marimont would be one of the best choices you could make for your child. I feel extremely fortunate to have found them because I have never doubted that my child is receiving the best care and education possible, and you can't pay enough for that!

- Irene

I have had two children at Marimont over the past four years. I am absolutely thrilled with what my children have learned at the school. Along with learning discipline, problem-solving, and a love of learning, my children, are far ahead of their peers in reading, math, science, and social studies. The directress displays a love of learning and a love of children that provides the perfect environment for a child to grow and thrive.

- Joan

We are really excited to have Catherine at MMS. She comes home daily telling us about all the different activities and skills performed that day. She speaks like her mind is literally being opened up with this positive stimulation. As a parent, I was pleasantly surprised how easy and concise the enrolling process was -thanks James! Much appreciated. I've also noticed that the communication about lesson plans and calendar planning is awesome. This is a huge benefit to parents when they really want to know what their children are doing. Finally, a huge thank-you to Miss Rachel who lightens up my daughter’s eyes & mind through her teaching skills and by her smile.

- Triona